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Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Make more informed decisions about the materials you use in your products.

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Demands for faster innovation, speed to market and supply chain transparency have pushed companies to proactively identify, reduce and eliminate materials that demonstrate potential risks. Identifying optimal raw materials earlier in the product development life cycle is vital for placing safer, sustainable products in the market without delay or costly mistakes.

Whether sourcing a component for a new connected device or an ingredient for shampoo, you need to obtain accurate, quality information. In our digital world, you have access to endless amounts of data to help make buying decisions. However, extensive research is often required to discover new or alternative products and potential suppliers, scanning hundreds of product questionnaires across multiple disconnected systems.

We offer software tools and services to support your product sourcing decisions with optimal efficiency. We empower you to simultaneously pursue compliance, enhance performance, and deliver on sustainability goals. Our solutions, backed by a team of global subject matter experts, help you establish better practices for connecting with suppliers. These solutions also help you in collecting and managing important product information, while taking environmental, health and safety considerations into account.


We help you gain insights to source better products.

In this complex world that requires constant supply chain analysis, we help you access the right information to make buying decisions. Whether you are looking for components, materials or ingredients for your products, we will provide product decision support expertise and tools to finalize your selection with confidence.

  • Find accurate and reliable technical information for thousands of products from global suppliers
  • Create a streamlined process for achieving sustainability goals
  • Collect, maintain and protect important product information up and down your supply chain

Why UL Solutions

We have helped thousands of companies identify optimal products and improve sourcing and procurement decisions. Through that experience, we have become a world leader in strategic sourcing and supply chain information management. With UL Solutions, you can access product information in real time and connect with your suppliers to make more informed decisions.


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