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Services for Components and Controls

Our Services for Components and Controls span all of your needs, from product certification to supply chain management and quality assurance solutions that enable you to mitigate risk, bring your products to market quickly and protect brand value.

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We evaluate the suitability of controls and components such as relays, thermostats and switches for specific applications. We consider the performance and construction characteristics of the end product and how the component will be used in that product.

Our services also address key business needs, such as supply chain management, quality assurance and global market access. We also conduct Follow-up Services (FUS) to perform vital checks on the processes a manufacturer uses and to determine continued compliance of the component with UL’s requirements.


Using UL Certified components may help reduce costs and time to market. Risks are mitigated, since these components are tested to comply with applicable requirements.

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Why UL

UL has significant expertise in evaluating components and controls for appliances. We put this knowledge to work for you, delivering streamlined, comprehensive test programs and certifications for multiple markets with just a single product submission.

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