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Safety Management Software

Our PURE Safety® software is available as a customizable solution for those who know exactly what they’re looking for or as a preconfigured package for those who are just beginning their safety reporting journey.

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Safety is about more than meeting regulatory requirements—it’s about preventing accidents in order to keep your employees safe. To properly manage your safety performance, you need the right tools. That’s where we come in. Our PURE® Safety software provides you with innovative, proprietary technology that helps you mitigate operational risks, identify opportunities for safety improvements, and uncover trends in safety performance. 


Preventing accidents from happening is not only your responsibility, it’s a critical component to your success. One safety incident can cause you to lose public credibility, damage your reputation and, most importantly, cause loss of life. Not reporting safety incidents can also lead to costly fines. In the U.S. for example, companies that do not report significant injuries to OSHA can be charged up to $7,000 per incident.

We can help you avoid these potentially damaging events by demonstrating compliance to regulatory agencies like OSHA and RIDDOR through our comprehensive PURE Safety incident reporting tool.

Employees can easily log incidents and observations, assign corrective actions, analyze root causes, and report on incident rates all in one location. You can also automate the incident investigation process with customizable workflows built around your existing business processes enabling you to record events easily, react quickly, and report confidently.

Our PURE Safety software enables you to:

  • Schedule, record and observe facility auditing performance
  • Identify potential risks, and create and monitor corrective actions from a centralized location
  • Easily log incident and audit data on-the-go with our mobile platform

PURE Safety

Scalable software for comprehensive event reporting, investigation and performance management. Our Pure Safety Software enables clients to:

  • Schedule, record and observe facility auditing performance
  • Identify potential risks and create and monitor corrective actions from a centralized location
  • Easily log incidents and audit data on the go by using our mobile platform
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Easily Submit Incidents and Observations with PureOHS

Give all your employees access to submit incidents quickly and send automated notifications using the easy-to-use forms through their web browsers and mobile devices. You get reliable, consistent, and timely information you can act on, all stored in a central and secure location.

PureOHS helps you manage your EHS data and produce OSHA – ready reports.

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EHS Training Course Library

Improve safety awareness in your organization by offering UL Solutions’ off-the-shelf library of over 1000 health and safety eLearning courses. Created by UL Solutions’ safety experts, adult learning, and multi-media specialists, training topics are regularly updated to meet regulatory requirements. Topics include OSHA 10- and 30-hour training, construction, manufacturing, office safety, bloodborne pathogens, incident management, and much more. We can partner with you r team to customize any content or create new content from scratch.

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Distribute and Track Safety Training

UL Solutions learning management systems give you the ability to distribute, track, and understand your employee learning compliance at the click of a button. With multiple options to support your unique needs, PureSafety, LearnShare, and ComplianceWire support your employee training, reporting, and compliance needs.

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Pushing Safety and Learning Beyond the Bare Minimum

Compliance can mean different things to different organizations, ranging from the bare minimum to best-in-class. It can be the pinnacle for some, while a starting point for others. What is compliance and its meaning in the EHS community? Sometimes compliance is simply not enough for preventing workplace injuries, illnesses and mishaps. Organizations must consider factors beyond compliance requirements. The goal is to establish, promote and sustain a high-performing, proactive health and safety culture. So how do you begin? Join UL Solutions’ EHS senior advisor, Eric Glass, to learn how to move beyond the bare minimum.

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Why UL Solutions

As a world-renowned safety pioneer, we are one of the most trusted and recognized names in the industry. Our expertise in the science of life safety has enabled us to create proprietary, industry-leading software solutions for organizations around the world. We offer capabilities, resources and customizable services that you won’t find anywhere else. You can trust that our team of experts will help you mitigate risk, increase productivity, and lower costs by tapping into our wide range of safety management tools and services.

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