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Repackaged Products Program

Our Repackaged Products Program (RPP) helps to streamline the redistribution process of UL certified products while at the same time preserving the integrity of the UL Mark with defined traceability criteria. Repackagers who meet the criteria are identified in the Product iQ Directory as an authorized repackager for that particular product category.

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Our Repackaged Products Program provides solutions for distributors, retailers, importers and manufacturers who need to redistribute bulk shipments in order to accommodate different customer needs and manage inventories.

Safety markings and warnings are not affected in the distribution chain because the repackager is required to retain one copy of the original packaging, tags, stuffer sheets, installation instructions or other materials for each product being repackaged for the field representative's reference.   

While there are some exceptions, a repackaged product is transferred from the original package to a smaller or individual package without any alterations or modifications.   

Why UL Solutions

RPP enables the integrity of the UL Mark to be preserved, traced and maintained to the original manufacturer. This program requires that you maintain records tracing the repackaged products, and also covers instructions as to which product specific markings (such as ratings and cautions) need to be provided with the new packaging, so that information essential to the safe installation, operation or application of the product is preserved.   

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Repackaged Product Program Information

Repackaged Product Program (RPP)

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