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Product Stewardship Program

You can go beyond regulatory compliance by proactively developing and selecting safer and sustainable materials, products and suppliers.

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Product stewardship programs aim to minimize the negative environmental, health, chemical safety and social impacts of a product throughout its life cycle. Proactive companies that incorporate sustainability principles within product design, product sourcing and supplier selection processes can support growth and protect their vital brand reputation.

The demand for safer and greener formulated products drives product stewardship initiatives. Further, a convergence of regulatory, nongovernmental organization (NGO) and consumer pressures have put a spotlight on how companies manage chemicals and hazardous substances in their products and supply chains.

We understand the subsequent challenges for companies and provide help to establish and manage robust product stewardship programs. Our solutions empower you to improve your company’s sustainability benchmarks, produce safer products with decreased chemical hazards, and connect your supply chain to help ensure the adoption of your defined requirements.


We bring the “demand chain” together, easing the flow of information and accelerating the development of more sustainable products. Our solutions will:

  • Efficiently share, request, and collect essential product and supplier data from the supply chain, while protecting confidential business information
  • Compare, assess and select chemicals with lower hazard profiles to increase product sustainability
  • Support decisions to select materials, products and suppliers that meet sustainability requirements and help ensure compliance to regulations globally
  • Balance the trade-offs involved in deciding which green attributes to emphasize in your product development efforts
  • Reduce product safety impacts for buyers and consumers, and manage reputational risks

Why UL Solutions

Leveraging digital solutions, safety data, and chemical and regulatory expertise, we have helped thousands of companies address both regulatory and sustainability requirements throughout the product life cycle. As a trusted third-party, we can also help facilitate efficient data exchange and communication of requirements throughout your supply chain, while protecting confidential business information.


Go beyond regulatory compliance and streamline the process of creating and meeting retailer sustainability standards with our dynamic PurView platform.

Supply Chain Network

Reduce the manual efforts of product questionnaires and increase accuracy and integrity while building data equity with Supply Chain Network.

Cheminformatics Tool Kit (formerly REACHAcross™)

Leveraging a curated database of 70 million structures and 300,000 labeled hazard endpoints, our solution utilizes an advanced algorithm to predict chemical hazards.

Toxicology Risk Assessment

Summarize your products’ compliance with health and safety standards and regulations to help ensure global market acceptance with a Toxicology Risk Assessment.