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GCF and PTCRB Certification Testing

Our global reach will help get your mobile device certified in almost any market around the world — and we’ll do it in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

A wireless testing room.


Our technical expertise, project management and certification testing capabilities can assist you in meeting Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) requirements for your cellular device. Our solutions were designed to make the entire process as efficient, straightforward and cost-effective as possible. They include:

  • Global Reach, which enables us to test and certify your device in most markets
  • Precertification Testing, which allows us to identify potential noncompliances
  • Tailored Testing Solutions, which offer enhanced process efficiency and streamline testing cycles
  • Flexible Working Schedules, which help us meet your stringent deadlines


GCF/PTCRB compliance is important because you need to obtain GCF and PTCRB certifications for your cellular mobile devices before market launch. The GCF and PTCRB are network operator founded organizations established to create third-party cellular mobile device certification to ensure that a device meets a minimum set of requirements. Our extensive range of wireless testing services covers all Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) cellular technologies, including GERAN (GSM Edge Radio Access Network), UTRA (Universal Terrestrial Radio Access) and Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA).

Why UL Solutions

Our compliance expertise allows us to fully support all of your GCF and PTCRB certification needs. Our dedicated engineers will help you identify and address any noncompliance issues prior to certification testing, helping you reduce cost and minimize time to market. Plus, our extensive reach enables us to cover markets in North America, Europe and Asia. We have team members in local markets, that speak the local language, who are ready to help guide you through the certification process. Even more so, our Global Market Access program lets you seamlessly combine your cellular testing with other UL Solutions services — including product safety certification for the UL Mark. Above all else, our credentials set us apart from the pack.

We are a:

  • GCF observer member
  • GCF Recognized Test Organization (RTO)
  • PTCRB associated test laboratory
  • AT&T Mobile Broadband Accelerator (MBA) laboratory
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