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Firefighting Foam Protection for Class B Combustible Liquids

As an industry leader in fire safety certification, we have the resources to test your foam to the industry’s highest standards, providing third-party Verification of its quality and safety.

Firefighter spraying a fire with foam hose


Firefighting foams are intended to provide a high level of protection for Class B combustible liquids. Our Standards require the evaluation of the complete system, including the foam concentrate, concentrate storage container, proportioning device and discharge device.

The foam liquid concentrate together with a specific piece of equipment produces an aggregation of bubbles that seals the liquid from oxygen to inhibit combustion. Our testing and certification for firefighting foam analyzes the foam’s properties, performance and compatibility with foam equipment in accordance with standards for foam equipment and foam liquid concentrates.

We perform several tests, including but not limited to:

  • Foam density
  • Freeze point
  • Response to temperature conditions
  • Fire suppression performance
  • Functionality with equipment
Testing preparation

When preparing to submit a new firefighting foam liquid concentrate for evaluation, it is important to understand what type of information we will need. The basic information required includes the product designation, type of foam — aqueous film forming, fluoroprotein, etc. — nominal use concentration(s), and the flammable liquid hazard categories that the product is intended to protect. Our testing and certification requires a minimum amount of equipment for each foam liquid concentrate.

To learn more, click UL Knowledge Solutions - Foam and Foam Equipment for Fire Suppression.


We’re at the forefront of emerging products and technologies, enabling industry stakeholders — manufacturers, regulatory authorities, building owners, insurance companies and the -firefighting community at large — to combat fire more effectively by using methods that have been backed by science-based testing.

Why UL Solutions

We are a global, full-service provider of fire safety testing and certification services. Our technical expertise in this arena enables us to optimize our resources and offer customized solutions in order to help meet your specific timelines, budgets and testing requirements.


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