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Chemical and Waste Water Management Services

With expert knowledge of chemical safety and international standards, our Quality Assurance and Chemical Management Services teams can help ensure regulatory compliance in the countries you source from or sell to.

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Most industrialized nations have recognized the need to regulate the handling of restricted substances — hazardous chemicals believed to present environmental, health or safety risks.

As these regulations and their restrictions vary across regions, the process of accessing the global marketplace can be complicated. With firsthand knowledge of chemical safety and international standards, our Quality Assurance and Chemical Management Services teams can confirm regulatory compliance in the countries you source or sell your products.


Minimizing possible damage to ecosystems and communities is a growing concern for businesses, particularly those in the textile and footwear industries. To support this drive toward environmental responsibility, we offer wastewater on-site assessments and testing solutions based on the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) principles.

Our on-site wastewater assessments evaluate water use, wastewater management systems and chemical management systems to identify related risks. Wastewater testing, conducted at UL Solutions laboratories in Europe and Asia Pacific, establishes safeguards against the use of banned and high-risk chemicals. We’re an official contributor to the ZDHC Program. We support the initiative’s vision of widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practices to protect consumers, workers and the environment. We work with clients to help with every aspect of sustainability and supply chain management. We specialize in testing for the 11 priority chemicals of concern identified by the ZDHC Program. You can leverage our training and advisory services to further support your efforts to comply with the ZDHC initiative.

Our chemical experts can help you with every aspect of chemical management, from developing a restricted substance list (RSL) to implementing a reasonable testing program that encompasses the entire supply chain.

Comprehensive chemical management services for global market access

Why UL Solutions

We utilize recognized methods to test your products for compliance to international, federal and regional regulations, so you can achieve sustainability goals throughout your supply chain. Our Chemical Services include:

  • Chemical inventory and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) review
  • High-risk materials identification
  • Product testing needs assessment to most restrictive regulation
  • Test program development for raw materials and finished products
  • Raw material and chemical approval process standardization
  • Supplier selection criteria formation
  • RSL implementation planning for the entire supply chain
  • Staff and supplier training
  • Sustainability services

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