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Water Footprint Inventory Program

Third-party verification that your organization is using water in a responsible way, which has become increasingly important as the debate around global sustainability continues to intensify.

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Driven by the growing demand for water, its increasing scarcity and the degradation of its quality, the issue of water use and management has become increasingly important to the global debate on sustainability.

Increased global competition for water represents both risks and opportunities for your business. Implementing a water stewardship platform may be necessary for you to obtain a license to operate. Without one, you’re falling into risky territory. Implementing an environmental initiative can be leveraged to effectively manage brand reputation, ensure business continuity, and act as a driver for innovation — all worthwhile opportunities. 

Completing a Water Footprint Inventory is one way in which your business can begin to implement a water stewardship program. It helps you better understand your organization’s water-related impacts by addressing the potential environmental effects that are associated with your product, process and organization. A water footprint impact assessment phase must follow the Water Footprint Inventory.


A Water Footprint Inventory is not a water footprint study. A water footprint study is aimed at understanding and evaluating the magnitude and significance of the potential environmental impact(s) related to water used by or within a product, process or organization. A Water Footprint Inventory, on the other hand, is the compilation and quantification of inputs and outputs related to water for products, processes or organizations as defined in the goal and scope of the study.

Why UL Solutions

Our environmental and sustainability certifications are recognized by buyers, building specifiers and purchasing organizations around the world. When your products receive one of our of Marks, consumers can be assured that the claims being made about those products have been tested and Verified to the most rigorous set of science-based standards. That’s how we help you build confidence and trust in the marketplace and that’s what will set you apart from the pack.


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