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UL Certified Functional Safety Professionals and eXperts - Machinery

The following individuals have achieved status as a UL Certified Functional Safety Professional or eXpert (Machinery).

First Name Last Name Company Country Certificate Type Certificate # Expiration Date
Hisham Francesco Abd el Razek Comepi S.r.l Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1011 10/31/2023
Nicholas Alexiades UL USA ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1001 7/18/2022
Doug Barnes UL USA ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1011 5/6/2023
Simon Boelens MECID Netherlands ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1020 6/30/2024
Dario Broggi Comepi S.r.l. Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1009 10/31/2023
Sivarama Krishnan Chembai Narayana ULC Canada ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1019 2/29/2024
Yonghan Ching Cummins USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1012 10/31/2023
Sean Felker Brain Corporation USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1016 3/31/2024
Jennifer Giandrande UL USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1004 5/6/2023
Gokul Krithivasan UL USA ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1010 7/8/2022
Saskia Leupold AXXELLON Germany ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1007 10/31/2023
Sergey Logachev TUV Rheinland of NA USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1023 7/31/2024
Bashier Machmur UL Germany ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1012 9/30/2023
Alessandra Missaglia UL Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1001 5/6/2023
Alban Muzaka Inxpect Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1013 10/31/2023
Davide Nardo UL Italy ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1013 10/31/2023
Jody Nelson UL USA ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1008 7/8/2022
Ivan Paderno Inxpect Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1015 10/31/2023
Parth Parikh UL USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1005 5/6/2023
Egidio Passoni Comepi S.r.l. Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1021 11/30/2023
Ana Pastor Duran UL UK ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1017 2/29/2024
Simone Polli Comepi S.r.l. Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1022 11/30/2023
Kenneth Rosol kVA by UL USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1018 2/29/2024
David Roul UL France France ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1003 5/6/2023
Ron Rudniski UL USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1006 5/6/2023
Steven (Jaehyun)  Shim Omron Electronics Korea Co., Ltd.      Republic of Korea ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1024 8/31/2024
Jason R. Smith UL USA ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1002 7/18/2022
Bill Taylor UL USA ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1009 7/8/2022
Jamie Russell Tolfree elobau U.S., Inc. USA ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1008 2/28/2021
Jamie Russell Tolfree elobau U.S., Inc. USA ULCFSX Machinery FSXMach1014 1/31/2024
Bruno Treachi Inxpect Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1014 10/31/2023
Davide Vigano Comepi S.r.l Italy ULCFSP Machinery FSPMach1010 10/31/2023
Amy Zhang ULES China ULCFSP Machinery FPSMach1002 5/6/2023


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