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UL 508A Future Effective Dates

In the past, UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels, listed future effective dates. Now, the Standard’s future effective dates appear here.

Electronic and electrical components of the industrial device

This page serves to help determine future effective dates for changes to requirements in UL 508A, the Standard for Industrial Control Panels. Typically, such changes come into effect upon publication. However, in some cases, requirement changes have a future effective date to give the control panel industry sufficient time to adjust business operations to comply with those changes.

In the past, UL 508A listed future effective dates. Now you can find the Standard’s future effective dates below.

A summary of requirements (SOR) document, also referenced below, describes changes to requirements with a future effective date and their impact on the Standard’s users.

UL will update this page on an as-needed basis with future revisions to the Standard. We will communicate future changes and updates through the Energy and Industrial Outlook newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter to receive notifications and stay on top of effective dates. 


Description of changes to requirements

Future effective date for
changes to requirements

Date of summary of
requirement (SOR) changes

Link to SOR

Certification Requirement Changes for Industrial Control Panels Certified for Canada Not determined January 4, 2022 Link to document

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