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Submitting New Or Innovative Products FAQ

How we can work with you to test groundbreaking products.

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Sometimes customers may seek the UL Mark on a product that has applications or features that are not anticipated by existing product safety standards. When this happens some questions that may be asked include, but are not limited to:

  • Is the product covered by an existing standard?
  • Does it have features that are not found in products of similar types?
  • Is the use or application of the product different than similar products?
  • Does the product pose a danger to users?
  • Are other similar products already on the market and are they certified by UL Solutions?

If UL Solutions’ technical experts determine that a product has new or innovative design considerations, applications or unusual features then a team of UL Solutions staff will review the details of the request. This team will determine if additional requirements will be developed to address these designs, applications or features. If UL Solutions decides to move forward with developing the necessary requirements, a quote for a New or Innovative Preliminary Investigation will be issued. This quote will be for the development of any additional technical requirements that are needed to an existing standard or the development of a completely new standard. Once the Preliminary Investigation is completed another quote would be issued for the actual certification project.

Please note that in some cases UL Solutions may make the business decision to not evaluate or develop requirements, at this time, for a certain product and to not include it as part of a UL Mark certification program.

Contact your local UL Solutions customer service office with any questions.