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SNI Certification – A Guide to Indonesian National Standards

We are accredited by KAN and designated by the Ministries of Industry and Energy as a Certification Organization for Indonesian National Standard Certification

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The Indonesian National Standard (SNI) is the only nationally applicable standard in Indonesia and is mandatory for various products.

PT UL International Indonesia is accredited by KAN and designated by Ministry of Industry (MOI) and Ministry of Energy (MOE) as a Certification Organization (CO), also known as LSPro, to serve domestic and overseas manufacturers who need SNI certification. We support the overseas appliances industry as it navigates the requirements, regulations, language barriers and other challenges to gain Indonesian market access.

Additionally, we help Indonesian industries gain access to the wider global market. By working with us to address global market access requirements, you can access our experts, resources, services and facilities around the world to achieve manufacturing goals and expand marketing of your products.

Download our guide to learn more about how to obtain the SNI certification for Indonesia.


SNI standard

Electrical cable

SNI 04-6629.3:2006


SNI 04-6629.4-2006


SNI 04-6629.5-2006


SNI IEC 60502-1:2009


SNI IEC 6050-2:2009

Electric fans

SNI 7609: 2011


SNI 04-6292.2.80- 2006

Plugs and socket outlets

SNI 04-3892.1.1-2003


SNI IEC 60884-1:2014

Audio video (TV-CRT, television, DVD/Blu-ray player, car head unit, active speaker, set top box)

SNI 04-6253-2003

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