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Overview of Types of Motors Covered under UL 1004 and Importance of Thermal-class EIS

UL Solutions discusses the types of motors covered under the UL 1004 series of Standards and the importance of thermal-class electrical insulation systems (EIS) to help you gain market access.

Large industrial blue and silver water pumps

Watch now: Motors covered under UL 1004 and the importance of thermal-class EIS

Motors, generators and electrical components, including electronic controls, switches, protectors and thermal cut-offs (TCOs), comprise the core of many of the electrical products produced today. UL Solutions provides a complete set of services for all your business needs, from appliance motors to industrial motors and generators.
  • UL certification
  • Type test certificates
  • Energy efficiency testing
  • IEC-based insulation system evaluations
  • ATEX and IECex
  • Field evaluations

Webinar date: Sept. 8, 2022
Moderator: Brian Suggitt, business development manager
Presenters: Satish Kumar, engineering manager; Ritesh Kumar, project engineer



Many motor manufacturers in India and other countries seek to expand their businesses and are exploring the global market — primarily North American and European Union markets — to generate opportunities. This webinar will help you understand the certification and standards requirements, which will help you develop motors from a certification and standards point of view for your targeted markets. This will help you generate better opportunities in the global market for greater growth.


  • Overview of types of motors covered under the UL 1004 series of Standards
  • Pre-certification requirements
  • Standard introduction and probable test lists
  • Post-certification activities (UL Solutions Follow-Up Services program)


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