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Overview of Ratings and Applications For The 61558 Series of Standards

This webinar will provide an overview of ratings and applications for the 61558 Series of standards and various IEC Marks available for manufacturers of these products.

transformer and power supply

This informational webinar provides insight into the 3rd Edition of IEC 61558-1.

Navigating global regulations is a challenge for any size company. UL is here to help you understand the complex compliance requirements for transformers and power supplies and will help you prepare for accelerated market access for successful installations and increased profits.

Transformer and power supply manufacturers will need to meet the new requirements of IEC 61558-1 in order to obtain access to international markets. As more end-product standards reference IEC 61558-1, manufacturers of appliances, controls, luminaires, and other products referenced below targeted for international trade must also be aware of the new requirements for transformers and power supplies.

With its participation in the CB Scheme, UL can help transformer, power supply, and a variety of other product manufacturers stay competitive in the international market by providing updated CB Scheme Test Report and Certificates to the following series of IEC Standards:

  • IEC 61558 – Transformers, Reactors, and Power Supply Units
  • IEC 60335 – Safety of Household and Similar Appliances
  • IEC 60730 – Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use
  • IEC 60204 – Electrical Equipment of Machines
  • IEC 61347 – Lamp Controlgear
  • IEC 60598 – Luminaires

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