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New China Reform on Electrical and Electronic Product Certification Requirements – NA/Europe Session

The purpose of this on-demand webinar is to provide a comprehensive overview of the changes and updates for China Market Access Certification - safety, EMC and wireless (CCC, SRRC, NAL scheme).

EMC testing facility

Watch the video: New China reform on electrical and electronics products certification requirements

The purpose of this webinar is to provide a comprehensive overview of the changes and updates for China Market Access Certification - safety, EMC and wireless (CCC, SRRC, NAL Scheme) in accordance with the General Office of the State Council Announcement, “Deepening the reform of the Electronic and Electrical Industry Management System,” released in September 2022.

The State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C (CNCA) and China Quality Certification Center (CQC) also published a notification to clarify and implement the catalog changes for the mandatory certification, the relevant standards updates and simplified the certification process to benefit to the enterprises/applicants and optimize the business environment.

Webinar date: Nov. 29, 2023
Speaker: Dory Ferrante


With the reform of electrical and electronic product certification requirements, the catalog of the compulsory product certification (CCC Scheme) for E&E products and Network Access Licensing Approval (NAL Scheme) for telecommunications equipment, are both changed.

  • Nine categories for audio and video equipment, telecommunications terminal equipment and anti-theft alarm products in the existing CCC mandatory list were removed from the scope of CCC and three categories for power supply, power bank and lithium-ion cells and batteries were added into the scope of CCC.
  • Eleven types of telecommunications equipment no longer comply with NAL approval and satellite internet equipment and functional virtualization devices are added to the current NAL certification scope.

This reform also brought changes in conformity assessment procedures.

  • On Jan. 10, 2023, CNCA published a notification to specify the requirements of China Compulsory Certification, accepting the evaluation results of the IEC conformity assessment systems in the mutual recognition scope. Therefore, CBTR/CBTC for safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is subject to CNCA-accredited test laboratory review and can be accepted to process CCC certification.
  • Unify EMC testing requirements for NAL approval and CCC Scheme, so that applicants only need to conduct one test when applying for both CCC and NAL approval, and test reports will be mutually recognized.
  • Simplify and optimize network access permit testing items and extend the validity period of the trial approval of NAL.
  • Using and promoting the new label of NAL as well as the new template of certificate and code rules of CMIIT ID for SRRC.

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