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Managed Video Monitoring Certification

Our certification provides third-party Verification that the video monitoring services being provided are compliant with industry requirements, giving subscribers a new level of confidence.

Person standing in a control room looking at security video feeds


Our Managed Video Monitoring Services covers security services provided by monitoring stations that monitor video cameras and related equipment installed to form all, or part of, an electronic security system at a protected property.

Our monitoring station certification process includes an evaluation of the facility and equipment, as well as an assessment of the agreed upon monitoring services outlined by the property or business owners. Monitoring stations considering an evaluation may download a Listing package, including data sheets describing the process in further detail with instructions on how to obtain a quote for the evaluation. 

After we receive an acceptance of the quote and completed data sheets, one of our project handlers will be assigned to conduct the evaluation.

Qualified monitoring stations will undergo an audit during each calendar year by our audit staff in order to verify continued compliance. Such audits will assess both the monitoring station facility and the delivery of services to subscribers who have been issued UL monitoring certificates.

The managed video service provider has personnel located at a managed video monitoring station in order to:

  • View video streams
  • Make informed decisions
  • Interact with people or systems at a protected property
  • Notify identified parties of events

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