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Israel Safety and Energy Efficiency Regulatory Updates – NA/EU Session

Join UL Solutions experts to learn more about the new Israeli safety and energy efficiency requirements for electrical products.

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Watch now: Israel new rules and processes for safety and energy efficiency requirements

On June 1, 2022, a new standardization reform came into force that permits the import of products covered by official standards through an Israeli standardization track or, alternatively, a foreign standardization track.

The new standardization reform was approved in the framework of the Arrangements Law, which was published in the Official Gazette in November 2021. This is a significant lateral reform that transfers a huge amount of products to a declaration-based import control track, alongside the adoption of better accepted international regulatory requirements.

Webinar date: May 25, 2023

Speaker: Ylenia Merli

As part of the reform for the import of electrical products, it was determined that an importer or manufacturer of electrical appliances will be required to meet the requirements of European import laws regarding energy efficiency requirements, standby supplier requirements, and requirements regarding an energy rating label, in order to obtain an energy certificate and import or market the product to Israel.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an update and guidance on the new rules and processes for energy safety and efficiency requirements, review together the main points of the new reform in importing products to which an official standard applies, which has come into force in June 2022, and to review the highlights of the energy efficiency reform that entered into force in September 2022.

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