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Food Contact Materials: Regulatory Overview on Plastic and PFAS

Gain insight from UL Solutions experts on how to navigate the complex global regulatory landscape for plastic and PFAS in food contact materials.

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Watch now: Food contact materials: Regulatory overview on plastic and PFAS

Watch this complimentary webinar to learn more about the latest developments in legislation on plastic and PFAS in food contact materials in Europe, U.S. and China. Stay ahead of the curve and gain insights into future trends in this rapidly evolving field.

Webinar date

Sept. 12, 2023


Judith Haber, subject matter expert on food contact materials, UL Solutions
Luca Foltran, subject matter expert on food contact materials, UL Solutions
Bruce Ng, subject matter expert on food contact materials, UL Solutions


Food contact materials, such as packaging and containers, play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the food we consume.

Plastics are subject to stringent regulations due to their widespread use in food contact applications. The use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) is also restricted or prohibited due to their widespread presence in food packaging and tableware.

With regulations constantly evolving, it can be difficult to navigate complex global regulations and ensure compliance with target markets.


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