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ComplianceWire® and Deephow: Easy and Effective Video SOPs with AI

Discover how to leverage Deephow’s AI technology to create high-quality video SOPs effortlessly and seamlessly deliver through ComplianceWire, regardless of your technical expertise.

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Watch now: ComplianceWire® and Deephow: Easy and effective video SOPs with AI

UL Solutions ComplianceWire® team invites you to a comprehensive webinar on how to leverage the artificial intelligence technology embedded in Deephow’s authoring tools to help create professional-looking Video SOPs quickly and easily.

Webinar date

May 17, 2023


Dr. Stuart Goose, VP, DeepHow
Sean Gallo, Senior Solutions Architect at UL Solutions ComplianceWire® team

Video SOPs are widely recognized to provide an overall better training experience compared to written SOPs alone. But many believe video is too difficult or expensive to produce. With DeepHow and UL Solutions ComplianceWire®, anyone can quickly & easily create and deliver quality Video SOPs in a tried and tested validated learning management system (LMS) that meets strict FDA requirements 

During this webinar, our expert speakers, Stuart Goose from DeepHow and Sean Gallo from UL Solutions ComplianceWire®, will discuss the use cases and advantages of deploying AI in the workplace to help increase the effectiveness of your company’s learning programs. They will also provide examples and an overview of the process, including how to incorporate Deephow output into UL Solutions ComplianceWire®


In this webinar, you will gain valuable insights on: 

  • The advantages of video SOPs and how they can enhance your training experience 
  • How to leverage AI to create professional-looking video SOPs quickly and easily 
  • Use cases and best practices for deploying AI in the workplace to help increase the effectiveness of your learning programs 
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from these seasoned professionals with decades of combined experience in the field. Register now and discover how to make the most of DeepHow's AI technology to create high-quality video SOP.  



Dr. Stuart Goose, VP at DeepHow, the first AI-powered, video-centric SaaS platform for skilled workforce training. His focus is developing and supporting innovation and partnerships across the globe.  

Sean Gallo, Senior Solutions Architect at UL Solutions ComplianceWire® team. Sean is a SaaS technologies solutions consultant and product specialist, with over 25 years of experience designing, developing and delivering learning and qualifications training solutions for highly regulated industries.

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