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Compliance of Fire Safety Standards for Pumps and Engines

Gain insights about the requirements of safety standards for pumps and engines from a UL subject matter expert.

Fire system pump

Learn how to help ensure safety of property and lives by maintaining product safety of pumps and engines. These critical pieces of equipment help ensure that the building sprinkler systems have adequate water pressure to operate effectively. 

Gain a better understanding of the construction and performance requirements for designing products meeting the product safety Standards,  UL 448, the Standard for Safety Centrifugal Stationary Pumps for Fire- Protection Service and UL 1247, the Standard for Diesel Engines for Driving Stationary Fire Pumps.

In this webinar session, we also discuss production testing and marking requirements for pumps and engines.


Sheeba Sivaraj, project engineer, UL

Webinar date:

Nov. 11, 2020

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Achieving compliance of fire safety standards for pumps and engines

View this webinar to learn how the safety of modern buildings, particularly high-rises, is highly dependent on the proper functioning of their fire safety equipment and systems.