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Bluetooth Qualification and Auxiliary Services

Learn about UL Solutions' suite of compliance services for Bluetooth products.

A woman uses wireless and interoperability services to operate a kitchen device with a smart phone.

Full service compliance needs for Bluetooth® qualification and more

As an accredited Bluetooth qualification and regulatory wireless test facility, UL Solutions covers all layers and standards of Bluetooth testing for global markets. Benefit from a complete range of testing and advisory services. Bluetooth qualification is a mandatory requirement for any product using wireless technology and displaying the Bluetooth trademark. We offer more than 15 years of experience in Bluetooth compliance and are an accredited Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) test facility. 

Bluetooth compliance is a complex process encompassing pre-compliance, advisory services, interoperability, regulatory and Bluetooth qualification testing. We represent one of the few Bluetooth test facilities to offer a complete range of testing and advisory services for every market. Our ‘one-stop-shop’ helps make your route to market more convenient, more cost-effective and more straightforward. We can guide you through every step of the compliance and qualification process, helping you build compliance into your designs, making sure your product works with all other Bluetooth devices and avoids surprises down the line.

Fast, efficient and cost-effective — on a global scale 

As one of the first organizations to invest in Bluetooth testing technology in 2002, we have built an unrivaled depth of expertise in Bluetooth wireless technology testing. Since then we have qualified a number of designs using a large and varied number of different chipsets, protocol stacks and supported profiles. We are one of the few facilities able to offer protocol stack debug and compliance. 

Take advantage of market-leading test capabilities 

With independent, ISO 17025 accredited and FCC listed test facilities in Fremont, California, in the U.S., as well as facilities in Europe and Asia, we offer all appropriate EMC, radio performance and safety test standards needed to gain market access. We also provide an extensive range of expertise in Wi-Fi, cellular compliance and radio frequency (RF) exposure (including specific absorption rate (SAR)) to encompass all device requirements for multi-technology devices.

  • Bluetooth Profile Tuning Suite (PTS) — Testing software that automates compliance testing to the specified functional requirements of Bluetooth Host Parts and specifications that reside above the Host Controller Interface (HCI) 
  • Bluetooth Protocol — Protocol covering all layers for 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 
  • Experienced qualification experts to guide you through all applicable testing 
  • On-site testing for HCI and above 
  • Bluetooth RF — RF covering classic and enhanced data rate 4.2, 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2 
  • RF covering low energy (5.2)  
  • RF advisory services 

Why UL? 

We are a premier global safety science company with more than 125 years of experience. Today, we employ nearly 14,000 professionals across a network of laboratory, testing and certification facilities in 40 countries. Our vision is to continually evolve the future of safety.

Bluetooth Market Update 

  • 6.2 billion device shipments since its introduction in 1998; Bluetooth-enabled device shipments continue to increase and by 2024, annual Bluetooth-enabled device shipments will exceed six billion.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is the new market standard — Bluetooth Low Energy technology continues to expand at a tremendous rate and remains the fastest-growing Bluetooth radio with a 26% CAGR.
  • 35% of annual shipments by 2024 will be LE single-mode devices.  

Meet the right standards, fast 

A full suite of automated test platforms allows us to operate efficiently and price competitively while reducing your time to market. 

Get ready for Bluetooth 5.1 

With our latest investment in Bluetooth Low Energy (version 4.0) test capabilities, we can support you in qualifying for Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. 

Stay up-to-date with the latest 

Active involvement in the Bluetooth SIG and Bluetooth Review Board also means we are extremely well-positioned to provide insight into new Bluetooth developments, which can inform your own product roadmaps. 

Access our global expertise, locally 

Because we have Bluetooth Qualification Experts and test facilities around the world, we can work closely with you on qualification requirements, formulate test plans and assist with the formal listing of your product on the Bluetooth Qualified ID (QDID) at a local level, wherever you are based.

To learn more about UL’s Bluetooth services, visit Bluetooth Qualification Testing Services | UL



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