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Wind Data Management Dashboard

Collect, monitor and analyze wind data from your meteorological (met) towers in a secure online environment.

Meteorological tower installed in a field for measuring wind

UL’s Wind Data Management Dashboard is a platform designed for wind project developers to collect, monitor and analyze wind data from their meteorological (met) towers. Whether it’s a single met tower or a fleet of towers, you can view and access information about your entire program including tower (mast) statistics, monthly reports, raw tower data, instrumentation activity and faults, and screened and compiled data through the convenient and secure online interface.

When using our Wind Data Management Dashboard, you can expect

  • To be alerted of any issues with tower instrumentation for quick recovery
  • Data security and quality control from UL
  • Access to all tower data — past and present
  • To receive monthly reports summarizing data
  • To download raw, compiled or screened versions of data
  • To view and download resource statistics, plots and data files from any device with an internet connection
  • A high level of service from our expert meteorologists who are familiar with data for future analysis 

We help ensure that met tower programs have high data recovery and provide reliable long-term estimates, which result in lower uncertainty in energy estimates when exploring financing opportunities.

Click to learn more about Wind Data Management demonstrations, pricing and customization capabilities. 

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Wind Data Management Dashboard Demo

Screenshot of the Wind Data Management Dashboard

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