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UL HazLoc Mobile App

Our mobile app gives you access to UL Solutions technical expertise in six languages. If you’re ready to start tapping into the global marketplace, download the HazLoc App today.


Overview of the UL HazLoc Mobile App

Our HazLoc Mobile App gives you instant access to the following information:

  • Types of explosive atmospheres
  • Likelihood an explosive atmosphere is present
  • Ignition-related properties of explosive atmospheres
  • Temperature classifications based on maximum surface temperatures
  • Methods of explosion protection regarding electrical and nonelectrical risks of ignition
  • Markings required by both standards and by national or regional regulations
  • National, regional and international standards, including a “Find Your Standard™” feature based on the selection of five simple data points
  • Ingress protection (IP) codes and Type ratings for equipment enclosures
  • Contact options for additional information and questions
  • Push notifications with a “Stay Connected” feature to obtain region specific technical insights
  • Available in: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Stay Connected with our new UL HazLoc Mobile App feature

Download the UL HazLoc App and opt in to receive push notifications to start receiving exclusive HazLoc technical insights into regulatory updates.  Additionally, click on the purple “Stay Connected” icon and enter in your email address and country to receive periodic emails from us containing best practices, education, industry research, news, updates and promotions related to our products and services.

Since the regulations surrounding hazardous locations vary from country to country, it can be difficult for even the most seasoned professional to manage multiple HazLoc sites around the world. That’s exactly why we created the HazLoc Mobile App — it takes the hassle out of keeping up with global regulations, helping multinational corporations better manage their locations and ensure the safety of their employees.

More specifically, our HazLoc Mobile App is a trusted resource that aims to facilitate a common understanding of global hazardous locations (explosive atmospheres) with industry stakeholders. The app benefits designers, manufacturers, distributors, installers and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) across several industries, including oil and gas, chemical, agricultural, pharmaceuticals, offshore and mining.

Our active engagement in HazLoc/Ex committees

Navigating the complex landscape of global hazardous locations and explosive atmospheres is a challenge. We are actively engaged and participate in the global standards writing process and attend many technical conferences. In fact, we participate in more than 70 HazLoc/Ex technical committees, including IEC, IECEx, ABNT, INMETRO, CENELEC, BSI, TExA, NFPA, API, IEEE, TIA and UL Solutions STP committees. We truly have our finger on the pulse of the global industry and want to share more of our expertise with you.

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