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Servermark is a benchmark suite for testing server performance for a range of common uses.

A network server

Designed for industry, enterprise and press use, Servermark brings UL's trusted expertise to IT professionals searching for accurate and impartial server benchmarks. Servermark tests are easy to install, run and understand, which means you can choose and compare servers with confidence.

Servermark Media Transcode

Servermark Media Transcode is a benchmark for testing the performance of media transcoding servers, either individually or as a cluster. You can choose from a range of codecs, resolutions and quality settings while the video content covers challenges, such as high motion and low light.

Servermark Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Servermark VDI is a benchmark for measuring the performance and capacity of VDIs. It offers a range of workloads from basic office tasks to demanding content creation work. This flexibility helps IT pros match and allocate VDI resources to the distinct roles and needs of their end users.

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