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Design wind farms that are more efficient than ever before with Openwind—one of the industry’s most advanced pieces of software for creating and optimizing turbine layouts.

A laptop screen featuring UL’s Openwind software.

Openwind is a wind farm design and optimization software used throughout the wind project development process to create optimal turbine layouts that maximize energy production, minimize energy losses, account for plant development costs and generate project efficiencies. 

Our software was developed by drawing on more than 30 years of consulting expertise, which has helped ensure that financial institutions around the world have confidence in our platform. Additionally, Openwind’s compatibility with other computer wind programs enables you to seamlessly share files and easily migrate existing procedures into our software. 

Key features and capabilities of Openwind include:

  • Specialized modules
    • Cost of Energy Optimization Module – Understand the impact that each turbine has on the bottom line; determine the best layout to balance energy output with construction costs
    • Deep Array Wake Module – Estimate wake losses for utility-scale wind farms; our module is more accurate than the leading competing modules in this category
  • A GIS interface that enables you to create and modify gridded turbine layouts 
  • Tools to analyze multiple turbine layouts for cost effectiveness, including different hub heights and turbine types
  • A variety of energy loss features, including: 
    • Deep Array Wake Models and Standard Wake Models
    • Time series energy capture
    • Directional curtailment, inflow angle and turbulence
    • Nonideal performance losses
  • Effective turbulence intensity

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