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WERCSmart now available for industrial chemical supply chain

March 10, 2015

The popular WERCSmart solution from Product Supply Chain Intelligence The Wercs is now open to the larger industrial chemical space, with a specific focus on manufacturers in aerospace, electronics, and paints and coatings. The solution provides big-box retailers with quick access to the most comprehensive regulatory compliance data.

“The challenge is not only the availability of data,” said Lou DeSorbo, president of Product Supply Chain Intelligence The Wercs. “The challenge is timely access to accurate global regulatory data. The supply chain is growing increasingly complex, and streamlining data flow in a fast-paced, global commercial trade environment is critical.”

Manufacturers can now manage compliance of their entire supply chain before materials and products hit the dock.

“Even minor alterations within the supply chain can have a direct and significant impact on a product’s downstream compliance profile,” said DeSorbo. “WERCSmart provides advanced insight from product evaluation to delivery in real time.”

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