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Webinar Recording: Introduction to Additive Manufacturing

By understanding the key risks and hazards associated with additive manufacturing technology, you'll learn how to set up a safe, functioning facility.

AM Safety during Operation

January 29, 2019

Did you miss the December webinar series hosted by SESHA featuring UL’s Paul Bates on key safety considerations in AM? Not to worry, we recorded it for you!

Click here to access this free webinar recording.


The introduction of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, also known as 3D printing, has the potential to transform modern industrial production, but it also brings new considerations for manufacturers and their employees.  These considerations include potential safety risks and various hazards associated with the Material, Equipment and Facility where parts are manufactured. Further, AM capabilities can be particularly complex when introduced in existing production facilities with established safety management practices.

This webinar will review the seven distinct technologies in AM, common materials and applications and associated risks. Highlighting industry best practices for material handling and storage, equipment safety and PPE, the webinar will address basic considerations for setting up a safe functioning facility while considering the key risks and hazards associated with AM technology.



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