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Want to Learn More About Health, Well-being and Lighting?

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March 8, 2021

Ever wonder where human-centric lighting is heading? Curious about how lighting could play a role when we return to offices after the COVID-19 pandemic? Want to learn more about how building owners and operators are looking at lighting projects, relative to the health of the building occupants?

Get A Grip on Lighting has released their latest podcast featuring dynamic interviews with both UL and General Services Administration (GSA) about the future of health and well-being, the science of circadian lighting studies and the practical application for building owners. Bryan Steverson of GSA works on the high-performance building team who have been deeply involved in funding research to determine how lighting impacts occupant’s alertness, sleep quality and health. As owners and operators of over 376 million square feet of federal buildings, GSA’s approach is a good indicator of where the market is headed. Adam Lilien of UL served on UL’s Circadian Lighting task group. Together, their discussions with podcast hosts Mike Colligan and Greg Ehrich, will give you the latest industry insights, and even some new ways to think about the science of lighting and health. View the interactive podcast today!


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