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Volkswagen Group Officially Grants UL Extended Approval as an External Testing Laboratory

In accordance to Volkswagen's PV 3942, UL’s laboratory in Germany provides testing for emission behavior of parts, components and semi-finished products for vehicle interiors.

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July 27, 2020

Krefeld, July 24, 2020 – UL’s materials testing laboratory in Krefeld, Germany, has been approved as an external laboratory for emission testing according to PV 3942 for Volkswagen component validation. PV 3942 tests the emission behavior of parts, components and semi-finished products for vehicle interiors. 

The materials testing laboratory in Krefeld is already approved by the Volkswagen Group to perform environmental, surface, mechanical, burning behavior, media resistance and textile testing for selected interior and exterior parts and components. 

“This extended approval from Volkswagen is for chamber testing according to PV 3942, including chemical analysis combined with odor assessment,” explained Thomas Wagner, Ph.D., automotive business manager in UL’s Material and Supply Chain Division. “UL continuously works on expanding its approvals for emission and other performance testing requirements according to Volkswagen’s and other automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) test standards,” Wagner added. The certified test standards can be found in the Volkswagen supplier portal, where UL is listed as an approved laboratory.

The materials testing center in Krefeld offers a unique set of all-inclusive services. With highly specialized testing laboratories, modern test methods and comprehensive material databases, the Materials and Supply Chain division of UL supports automotive manufacturers and Tier suppliers from product concept stage to early product development through to final Part Production Approval Process (PPAP) for an optimized time-to-market. 

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