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Virtual Events for Today’s Environment

Attend important industry events digitally and virtually

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July 6, 2020

UL uses technology to continue to host informational events

The onset of COVID-19 has forced people and businesses to reevaluate daily operations. With face-to-face interactions being extremely limited, or even nonexistent, UL took a hard look at new ways to host traditional events. Through collaboration, innovation and technology UL has come up with ways to still engage with people while providing valuable information and ideas.


Digital and virtual events

There is no true substitute for people physically gathering to exchange their thoughts and ideas. However, with most individuals currently enduring the same socially distant situation, showcasing industry expertise, innovative thinking and properly pairing with the those in need of UL’s services. Through digital and virtual events like webinars, town halls and presentations, UL is still able to connect industry experts with those seeking testing and safety services. In fact, the virtual events do offer some additional opportunities, including:

  • Broader audience reach at less cost
  • Reimagine audience engagement through, polls, surveys, Q&A, etc.
  • Robust data: ability to track and monitor all of the in-person touch points with technology


Prioritized content

An in-person event could hold people for up to eight-hours, or even more. Virtual events have a much smaller window to hold an attendee’s attention. With less time to engage, we are prioritizing content with more direct communications. What are your pain points? What are your goals? What solutions does UL offer? From there, we can use this information platform to help track attendees and direct them to the proper UL service they require.


Types of events

UL is currently utilizing different types virtual events across various platforms to stay engaged. These include:

  • Webinars (hosted by UL)
  • Webinars in partnership with a 3rd party
  • LinkedIn Live
  • Virtual tradeshows with a 3rd party


Healthcare and virtual events

Events of any type offer a unique opportunity to no only share updated information but to create a space for open and individualized dialogue. The pandemic situation made healthcare events both extremely relevant and impossible to physically host. In recognition of this developing scenario, UL’s meetings and events team worked to find digital and virtual solutions. Through these efforts, the Life and Health Sciences division was able to pivot their upcoming events and begin hosting virtual experiences, complete with a Q&A and town hall style discussions.

To underscore the important role medical device testing plays in times like these, Upayan SenGupta  UL's VP & General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Saeed Amindin the founder of Plug and Play, hosted a live event. The event titled, “COVID-19 Series: Reopening and Recovery Depends on Safe Medical Devices,” was an interactive setting that allowed the speakers and participants to provide insights on regulatory challenges, getting products to market, fast-tracking COVID-19 related devices and emergency access pathways for U.S. and European markets.

The above is one example of how UL and the Life and Health Sciences division is adapting as the pandemic continues. For participant convenience, Life and Health Sciences is also offering all virtual events as both live and recorded presentations.

As situations and information dictates, UL is always open to exploring new, creative ways to connect with industry leaders, manufacturers and customers to discuss the testing and safety landscape.