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Video: Why Sign Up for UL's Product iQ®?

Offering trusted UL Certification information powered by a modern search engine platform, our online directory delivers more accurate and advanced search results with improved user experience.

Product iQ site being viewed by someone holding a smartphone in her hand

March 8, 2019

Do you know your iQ? It’s time you did! UL Product iQ, the next generation of UL’s online safety certification directory, leverages a modern search engine platform, which allows for easier and quicker access to certification data. 

To see Product iQ in action, view the video below, and then continue reading to learn more about the product and how it helps you. 

Features such as guided keyword search, search refinement, and the ability to filter search results based on relevant criteria will improve the user experience. Users are required to register for an account, but access to certifications will always remain free of charge. A premium subscription to Product iQ allows users to purchase access to enhanced tools, including saved searches, tagging, and confirmation letters.

Learn more and register today for free at!