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Vermont Passes Toxic-Free Families Act on Toxic Chemicals

June 26, 2014

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin has signed into law the Toxic-Free Families Act, Act No.188 (S.239), which requires a manufacturer of a children’s product to notify the Department of Health (DOH) if the product contains a chemical of high concern to children. The act lists 66 such chemicals, and the DOH may, in the future, adopt by rule additional chemicals of high concern to children.

The act defines a “child” as an individual under 12 years of age. “Children’s products” include children’s toys, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, car seats and products to help children with teething, sleeping or feeding. Products which are exempt from these requirements include food, beverages, batteries, consumer electronic products, interactive software, snow sporting equipment, inaccessible components of a consumer product, used products; and product packaging.