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U.S. Ambassador Visits UL Solutions Laboratory in Vietnam

Marc Knapper, U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, visited the UL Solutions Hai Duong laboratory to learn more about how the company supports manufacturing and sustainability efforts. 

UL Solutions Vietnam laboratory team

May 31, 2023

On May 23, 2023, the United States (U.S.) Ambassador to Vietnam, Marc Knapper, visited UL Solutions laboratory in Hai Duong, Vietnam. Ambassador Knapper learned more about UL Solutions' work in Vietnam and how it supports the country’s manufacturing and export businesses and sustainability efforts. With UL Solutions’ strong presence in Vietnam, the visit also presented an opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen the U.S.-Vietnam economic relationship.

"I appreciate the work the great American company UL Solutions is doing in Hai Duong to increase the safety of products manufactured in Vietnam reaching customers around the world,”  said Ambassador Knapper.

Ambassador Knapper toured UL Solutions’ facility in Hai Duong and met with employees during his visit. He also discussed the importance of the U.S.-Vietnam economic relationship. The ambassador noted that the U.S. is Vietnam's largest trading partner and expressed his hope that the two countries will continue to deepen their economic ties.

“In an increasingly global economy, we’re proud that UL Solutions is part of a long-standing relationship between the U.S. and Vietnam,” said Suresh Sugavanam, Regional VP, ANZ, South & Southeast Asia. “Our company is dedicated to building a safer world and understands how critical security and sustainability are in today’s world. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with Ambassador Knapper. We look forward to supporting Vietnamese manufacturers access the U.S. and other global markets with their products, and support Vietnam in its efforts in addressing energy security, moving toward a sustainable supply chain, achieving carbon neutrality and more.”

UL Solutions in Vietnam 

The Hai Duong laboratory opened in June 2022 and is UL Solutions’ third facility in Vietnam, in addition to a laboratory and an office in Ho Chi Minh City. With UL Solutions’ globally-connected footprint in Vietnam, we can serve customers across consumer products, electronics, lighting, appliances, wire and cable, renewable energy, and more.

As Vietnam’s manufacturing industry continues to grow, it is becoming a global provider of products across various categories. UL Solutions’ testing, inspection and certification experience and expertise can help manufacturers reach new markets, safeguard supply chains and reduce potential product risks. Through the services available at the Hai Duong laboratory, businesses can shorten development cycles and improve speed to market — helping manufacturers to be more competitive in global markets.

We were pleased to meet with the ambassador and discuss UL Solutions’ efforts to support manufacturers in Vietnam as they navigate their growing export business while meeting safety and product performance expectations.

Learn more about UL Solutions and the services available at our facilities in Vietnam.


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