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Understanding New Leak Detection Technology

UL's Neil Lakomiak explains how to select the right leak detection solution in this FacilitiesNet article.

water leak

March 4, 2019

When it comes to selecting water leak detection technology, the myriad of solutions on the market to choose from can sometimes be daunting. Facility managers should understand the different types of systems of each option, along with their features/functions and pros and cons. Facility managers should also be familiar with the benefits of deploying water leak detection technology, along with the relevant industry standards and emerging trends.     

It’s now commonplace for smoke alarms and detectors to be installed in businesses to alert occupants in the event of a fire. This technology has led to significant reductions in loss of life and property over the last several decades. However, when it comes to overall property losses, water is responsible for far more damage than incidents of fire. With such a statistic, you might expect water leak detection technology to be as widely deployed as smoke alarms and detectors, but this is not the case.

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