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UL’s SafeCyber Named Top 10 Internet of Things Product of 2021

IoT World Today recognized UL’s SafeCyber™ Digital Security Platform as a top product for helping customers understand and manage cybersecurity risks.

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March 29, 2022

IoT World Today named UL’s SafeCyber™ Digital Security Platform one of the Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Products of 2021. SafeCyber, a suite of solutions designed to help companies mitigate cybersecurity threats, launched on Nov. 8, 2021. IoT World Today, the website and content outlet for the IoT World trade shows and conferences, released its list in January 2022. Being named a top product quickly after release speaks to the necessity for security solutions as the number of new connected devices and regulations increases. We are proud that IoT World Today quickly recognized SafeCyber as a trustworthy and holistic solution to reducing cyber risks.

Why SafeCyber is a top product

IoT World Today noted UL’s broad approach when creating the SafeCyber platform as a factor in choosing it for their top ten list. Incorporating UL’s benchmarks as well as those from the European Telecommunications Standard Institute, the International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission keeps customers focused on best practices throughout the industry. This holistic view also helps to avoid what IoT World Today calls a “fragmented ecosystem” that can cause confusion and reduce the overall adoption of standards.

SafeCyber aims to help organizations understand IoT cyber risks and manage them for multiple product lines from one platform. This big picture view, alongside the incorporation of best practices and legislation, can help reduce what IoT World Today calls “scope for error” — primarily as this information can be utilized from the ground up when creating new devices and networks.

How UL’s SafeCyber can help

SafeCyber is a suite of security solutions for connected products. The platform helps customers monitor their security governance and helps them manage and reduce their product security risks — all within the same platform. Available SafeCyber solutions include:

  • Maturity Path: Provides a secure development life cycle maturity assessment and certification readiness score for connected products.
  • Firmware Check: Performs a security and compliance check on device firmware implementations to analyze and detect vulnerabilities during the development phase.
  • Field Monitoring: Continuously tracks vulnerabilities and provides compliance monitoring for connected devices in the field.

SafeCyber can also provide insight on potential security impacts to firmware security through:

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Software Bill of Materials generation
  • Known/Common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs)
  • Unknown vulnerabilities (zero-day vulnerabilities)
  • Compliance analysis against supported international standards and industry guidelines

Additionally, SafeCyber can help expedite firmware development and address vulnerabilities to help make sure products are secure and compliant from the beginning.

For more information on this new suite of products, visit the SafeCyber page on