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UL’s Integrated Health & Safety Institute Launches Aggressive Effort to Promote Benefits Gained by Integrating Health and Safety

April 1, 2016

CHICAGO, Ill., Apr. 1, 2016 – UL’s Integrated Health & Safety Institute (IHSI) will share the benefits of an integrated culture of health and safety, as well as tools for implementation and measurement, at several upcoming conferences.

Fueled by a growing body of research that provides evidence a healthy and safe workforce correlates with a company’s performance and its ability to provide positive returns to shareholders, IHSI’s mission is to ensure companies of all sizes understand the value of embracing a healthy and safe culture.  Despite these benefits, many organizations have yet to integrate their health and safety programs.

“UL’s IHSI is spreading the word that the integration of health and safety can have real benefits for employees through fewer workplace accidents and increased productivity,” said Todd Hohn, IHSI’s global director. “In addition to conducting research on the benefits of integration, IHSI is providing standards for employers to implement this integration and measure the effectiveness of their health, safety and well-being initiatives.”

Hohn and IHSI Research Manager Andrew Kapp will be speaking at the following upcoming conferences:

  • UL IHSI 1st Annual India Workplace Safety Council, April 7, 2016, New Delhi, India