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UL's 360 Continues CDP Gold Accredited Software Provider Status in 2020

UL's 360 Sustainability Software has continued its Gold level CDP Software Partner status for the ninth consecutive year. UL's sustainability software is one of just five software providers to have Gold level status, CDP's highest ranking for an accredited software provider.

CDP Gold Accredited Provider logo

January 1, 2020

UL's 360 Sustainability Management Software is a market leader in sustainability data collection and reporting.

The partnership with CDP provides more UL customers with a software solution to manage and report vital sustainability data. UL’s 360 software incorporates the CDP reporting requirements into its Framework Manager tool, which streamlines the reporting process and allows UL's customers to collect the data required by CDP's questionnaires.

“Companies around the world are disclosing their environmental impacts through CDP, with over 8,400 doing so in 2019. These companies need reliable and accurate software tools that help them collect data and streamline their reporting efforts. As such, we are delighted that UL 360 Sustainability is continuing to work with CDP as a gold software accredited solutions provider”

  • Paul Simpson
  • CEO, CDP

Further, UL also provides CDP’s Online Response System (ORS), that enables thousands of companies worldwide to report their environmental data through CDP. The strategic partnership provides next-generation reporting capabilities for both CDP and UL customers.

Our partnership with CDP enables us to provide the market with software solutions such as UL’s 360 that expertly capture, manage, and report investment grade sustainability data.

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