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UL will bring its unique voice to the 2015 Wearables TechCon conversation

March 9, 2015

NORTHBROOK, Ill., March 9, 2015 – UL, a global safety science leader, will bring its unique voice to this year’s wearables industry conference at Wearables TechCon in Santa Clara, Calif., by sharing its expertise in safety, performance and quality assurance.

The worldwide market for wearable technology products is expected to increase dramatically over the next several years, with some estimates exceeding more than $100 billion in annual sales by 2018.

While the possibilities for the wearable technology market are seemingly limitless, industry leaders must understand the comprehensive and mandatory evaluation and testing considerations applicable to the components and materials used in their products. Since most wearable products rely upon wireless technologies, privacy, data security and product performance will be of paramount importance as the industry continues to grow.

Manufacturers and distributors of wearable technology products can take a number of actions to streamline the testing process and facilitate product approval in their markets. With a worldwide team of research and development engineers, UL helps these organizations to innovate in the design phase of their next-generation products.

“Wearable technology is here to stay, and as the devices become more prevalent, it seems this technology is becoming more integrated into fitness, work and everyday attire,” said Anura Fernando, UL principal engineer. “We are working with wearable technology brands to help mitigate the risks of this new technology.”

Fernando will lead a seminar at Wearables TechCon titled, “The Regulatory Environment Around Wearables,” on Tuesday, March 10, from 1:30 – 2:00 p.m. With the regulatory environment for wearable technologies rapidly evolving, UL will guide attendees in an understanding of regulatory compliance basics that developers of wearable technologies should consider.

“All developers and manufacturers of wearable technology need to address fundamental safety issues from the perspective of public safety,” said Fernando. “Even something as basic as lithium-ion batteries requires necessary testing and certification to be put in place before integration of the battery technology can be safely incorporated into wearable technology.”

Topics that will be covered during Fernando’s seminar include compliance and risk management for helping to ensure the safe use of battery technologies; and customer satisfaction, comfort and the reduction of product recall risks.

“UL is proactively looking at biocompatibility testing to help ensure products do not need to be recalled in the development or production cycle,” said Fernando. “We are also concerned with consumer cybersecurity issues, and offer companies our services, such as cryptographic verification, to help ensure private consumer data and information are not compromised or stolen.”

While wearable technology developers face many challenges as they enter markets around the world, UL will drive the conversation at Wearables TechCon on the state-of-the-art in safe, secure, high-performing product design. UL representatives can be found at booth #201 during the conference.

About UL
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