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UL Testing Services for Products with High Speed Data Connectivity


April 18, 2018

UL now offers more comprehensive product evaluation services for connectors, cable assemblies, chargers, hosts, devices and other products that support various high speed data connectivity technologies including USB, DisplayPort, high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) and mobile high-definition link (MHL) technologies.

The turnkey solution is a joint initiative between UL and Integrated Service Technology (iST) that includes product certification testing, debugging and pre-testing services to the respective industry specifications.

Through this partnership, UL can provide a broader range of testing services that can qualify manufacturers or brand owners to display the logos of respective industry specification on their products.

UL offers a comprehensive and customized signal testing platform to meet global testing and certification needs. Global 3C brand owners and Internet of Vehicle (IoV) developers benefit from a broad range of solutions that encompass safety, performance, and compliance, with coverage from IC design of signal transmission source, from the system to end products.

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