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UL Solutions Warns of Unauthorized UL Marks on Battery Chargers

The following is a notification (23PN-18) from UL Solutions that the battery chargers identified below bear unauthorized UL Certification Marks.

Unauthorized UL Mark

June 23, 2023

NORTHBROOK, Il., (June 23, 2023) –  The following is a notification from UL Solutions that the Battery Charger identified below bears unauthorized UL Certification Marks. The battery charger has not been evaluated by UL Solutions to the appropriate Safety Standards and it is unknown if the battery charger complies with any safety requirements. 

Name of Product: FN 48V Battery Charger. Online retailers identify the product as a battery charger for Electric Scooters.  

Remedy: UL Solutions recommends that this product be removed from service.     

Identification on the Product: The battery charger bears an unauthorized UL Certification Mark and the following:

FN  48V



INPUT: AC 100-240V


OUTPYT: DC 54.6V   2.0A

Unauthorized UL Mark


Unauthorized UL Mark
Unauthorized UL Mark


Unauthorized UL Mark


Known to be distributed and sold by: Ningbo Vican Technology, Co., Ltd. and through

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