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UL Solutions Publishes UL 924A, OOI for Emergency Signs

UL Solutions recently published UL 924A, the Outline of Investigation for Emergency Signs with Alternative Visual Designs, which provides a new certification path for emergency exit signage.

Exit sign.

May 22, 2024

In February 2024, UL Solutions published UL 924A, the Outline of Investigation for Emergency Signs with Alternative Visual Designs. The outline allows sign manufacturers a path to certification for certain emergency signs that are not in the scope or the prescriptive design constraints of the current UL 924, the Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment.

This new outline of investigation (OOI) addresses exit signs with alternative design features, such as:

  • An arrow instead of a chevron,
  • Variations to the ISO 7010 “running man” graphical symbol prescribed in UL 924, and
  • Other text and symbols unique to a region and intended to support the orderly evacuation of building occupants.

As new technologies, such as dynamic exit signs with sensor-and-algorithm-driven visual variations, are developed and deployed, producers, installers, facility operators and code authorities (both domestic and international) will have questions regarding which designs and features can be reliably expected to fulfill the evacuation performance needs of the facility and how to verify such product performance.

The scope of UL 924A OOI

The UL 924A OOI provides a certification path for the product types that establishes compliance with the performance objectives of UL 924 and respects the authority of local and regional jurisdictions to apply exit sign designs that are aligned with their community’s language and cultural norms. The OOI allows the exit sign legend to deviate from the prescriptive design requirements where the sign installation instructions identify the jurisdiction(s) the sign design targets. UL 924 does not offer design flexibility because it is aligned with specific North America-based installation codes (i.e., fire and building codes NFPA 70, NFPA 101 and the IBC/IFC) that seek strict adherence to defined exit sign legend visual features.

Continued commitment to safety

Other than the specifically cited deviations, the OOI requires compliance with the full range of UL 924 requirements associated with managing risks of fire, electric shock injury and performance reliability. The inherent visual design flexibility of the UL 924A OOI supports a global, certified product pathway for manufacturers and an opportunity for jurisdictions interested in accommodating dynamic exit signs in select locations to benefit from the well-established minimum performance thresholds of UL 924. Jurisdictions within and beyond the United States will be able to require exit signs that meet the performance criteria of UL 924 while accommodating their region’s cultural (language and visual image) preferences.

The full outline can be found in the UL Standards Catalog.

How UL Solutions can help

UL Solutions can review your current emergency lighting listings to check that they meet the new requirements or start a new quote. Leverage our dedicated laboratory staff and their expertise in this lighting product category to help you find a path to test your alternate designs.


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