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UL Solutions Opens E-Mobility and Energy Laboratory in Taiwan

The new UL Solutions facility in Taiwan will address the comprehensive global safety testing services in a single location to help manufacturers reduce testing time and costs and accelerate product launches.

UL E-Mobility and Energy Laboratory Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

July 7, 2022

Taipei – July 7, 2022 – UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, today opened a new state-of-the-art E-Mobility and Energy Laboratory in Taiwan to meet the rapidly growing needs of the worldwide e-mobility and energy industries. The laboratory offers customers a range of electric bike (eBike) power systems and electric vehicle (EV) charging power and storage battery capacity testing. The facility addresses safety requirements of markets globally and is the only laboratory in Taiwan with the capabilities to test EV batteries and eBike battery systems in one place.

With the opening of this laboratory, UL Solutions now offers in the region best-in-class testing equipment, combined with staff expertise, safety standards and service capabilities to help Taiwanese manufacturers reduce costs associated with shipping samples overseas, shorten testing times and increase speed to market.

"UL Solutions is proud of its longstanding relationship with our customers in Taiwan. We will continue to help our customers achieve e-mobility and energy safety goals through our safety science leadership and regulatory expertise," said Jennifer Scanlon, president and CEO, UL Solutions Inc. "Our new, state-of-the-art, high-power UL Solutions E-Mobility and Energy Laboratory offers a wide range of safety-related tests for electric vehicles and energy in a single location. The facility will help our customers bring their innovations to market quickly and safely, helping to enhance marketplace trust as they grow their businesses."

In addition to Scanlon, executive leaders, including Weifang Zhou, executive vice president and president of Testing, Inspection and Certification of UL Solutions, and Todd Denison, senior vice president of Global Regions of UL Solutions, delivered congratulatory remarks at the opening ceremony. Han-Chang Hsieh, deputy director of the Bureau of Standards and Inspection, Ministry (BSMI) of Economic Affairs, Fang-Nan Kuo, chairman of the Taiwan Electric Research and Testing Center (TERTEC), and Wu Xian-Feng, vice president of TERTEC, also attended the opening ceremony.

As the EV and EV battery sectors continue to grow, the global EV charging market is expected to reach $5.386 billion (USD) in 2021 to $31.158 billion by 2028.1 Adding to this growth are initiatives taking place in Taiwan, where the government announced that it would combine central and local government resources to build a large number of public charging stations in public parking lots, hypermarkets, gas stations and Taiwan Railway/Taiwan High-Speed Rail stations, with a total of 7,800 slow charging and fast charging stations by 2025.2

In addition, global energy storage installations are estimated to reach 358 GW/1,028 GWh by 2023, more than 20 times the amount seen by the end of 2020.3 Taiwan's energy storage market is also expected to grow significantly with a cumulative capacity exceeding 1 GW/3 GWh by 2025 and expected growth to 20 GWh by 2030, with a total storage capacity exceeding $67 million (USD).4

"UL Solutions has maintained a close relationship with Taiwanese manufacturers, allowing us to understand their product road maps for the next three to five years and beyond," said Jonathan TH Chen, vice president and managing director of UL Solutions in Taiwan. "Mirroring demands in the energy market, our new battery equipment laboratory will empower Taiwanese manufacturers to be more competitive internationally and reduce time to market."

To enable Taiwan e-mobility and battery manufacturers ease of access to testing facilities, UL Solutions selected the Luzhu District in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, for its new laboratory location. The centrally located facility has more than seven meters of single-story space for explosion-proof battery testing and a large battery capacity to support high-power rechargeable batteries and vehicle chargers. In addition, the laboratory provides a full range of safety, energy efficiency and communication protocol tests and the ability to test for different national safety requirements.

The new laboratory also offers large capacity charger testing services for EV charging equipment, meeting the needs of leading EV manufacturers to test high-power DC chargers. For communication testing for fast charging standards, manufacturers will no longer be required to send their samples to different countries for testing. The laboratory can conduct testing for North American, European and Japanese CHAdeMO fast charging standards.

Advancing eBike safety for a growing market

The export volume and value of Taiwan's eBikes reached 987,000 units and $1.314 billion (USD) in 2021, representing a growth of nearly 30% and 33.21% compared to 2020. NAFTA and the European Union (EU) account for 83.3% of the total export volume, and the top five exporting countries are the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada.5 

UL 2849, the Standard for Electrical Systems for eBikes, is the designated reference standard listed by Consumer Product Safety Committee and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Hence, electrical and fire safety testing services for eBikes offered by UL Solutions is based on the ANSI/CAN/UL 2849 benefit those eBikes manufacturers targeting the North American market.

"UL Solutions offers rigorous testing and evaluation procedures, correct interpretation of safety standards, and complete testing reports recognized and trusted by manufacturers worldwide and in Taiwan," Chen said. "UL Solutions applies safety science in emerging fields and industries. We value the needs of our customers in Taiwan. We have invested heavily in this upgraded new laboratory to help Taiwanese companies quickly deliver high safety solutions for domestic and global markets at this critical time of a global energy transition."

About UL Solutions

A global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions transforms safety, security and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. UL Solutions delivers testing, inspection and certification services, together with software products and advisory offerings, that support our customers’ product innovation and business growth. The UL Certification Marks serve as a recognized symbol of trust in our customers’ products and reflect an unwavering commitment to advancing our safety mission. We help our customers innovate, launch new products and services, navigate global markets and complex supply chains and grow sustainably and responsibly into the future. Our science is your advantage.

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