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UL Solutions Launches Program to Help the Firestop Industry Improve System Recommendations and Build Confidence in Their Evaluations

UL Solutions’ new Technical Evaluation Developer Program aims to improve training and quality of technical recommendation processes that guide decisions regarding the installation of fire-stopping products and systems.


January 24, 2024

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS — Jan. 24, 2024 — UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, announced the new UL Solutions Technical Evaluation Developer Program. This program is intended to help manufacturers of fire-stopping products innovate and improve the equipment and system recommendations they make for customers while increasing confidence in their services.

Manufacturers of fire-stopping products and systems supply technical evaluations, also known as engineering judgments, to guide construction professionals and code authorities in site-specific planning and selection of fire-stopping products and systems. The new UL Solutions program provides manufacturers with professional training for carrying out these evaluations, as well as personnel examinations, quality management scheme audits and periodic laboratory testing of written evaluation concepts, to demonstrate their expertise in developing effective technical evaluations.

“Code authorities and quality professionals rely on firestop manufacturers and engineers for recommendations to make safety-critical decisions tailored to their specific needs,” said Karine Johnfroe, vice president and general manager of the Built Environment group at UL Solutions. “Our Technical Evaluation Developer Program aims to meet the training and quality needs of firestop manufacturers and their staff while enabling innovation in fire-stopping product designs and systems.”

In the firestop industry, an engineering judgment is a document provided as a professional opinion on how to implement fire-stopping products and systems for a site-specific application effectively. An engineering judgment is typically commissioned when a site deviates from a tested and certified firestop design or system.

“Effective quality management systems and knowledgeable and proficient firestop engineers play essential roles in the quality of engineering judgments. UL Solutions Technical Evaluation Developer Program helps manufacturers and their engineers demonstrate their expertise to enhance confidence in these recommendations among code authorities and quality professionals,” said Johnfroe.

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