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UL Solutions Issues First Statement of Conformity for Drone Product in India

The IoTechWorld Avigation’s AGRIBOT drone met design, material, specification, construction and performance for safe operation as specified by the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation’s Certification Scheme for Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

Agribot drone flying low over a field

August 24, 2022

Bengaluru, India — August 24, 2022 — UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, issued a statement of conformity for IoTechWorld Avigation’s AGRIBOT drone, confirming the drone meets requirements put forth by the Certification Scheme from the Indian Ministry for Civil Aviation for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CSUAS). The statement of conformity issued by UL Solutions, a provisionally approved certification body for the Quality Council of India driving the CSUAS, enabled IoTechWorld Avigation’s AGRIBOT to receive the first type certification for a drone in India from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

After receiving the Quality Council of India’s provisional approval as a certification body under the CSUAS, UL Solutions began drone evaluation services at its Bengaluru, India facility per compliance with the CSUAS.

“With safety mechanisms in place, unmanned aircraft systems have the power to transform sectors such as agriculture, healthcare and logistics as new use cases emerge every day,” said Suresh Sugavanam, regional vice president in South Asia for UL Solutions. “On acquiring the type certificate, IoTechWorld Avigation has taken a significant step in advancing drone safety. Their proactive step demonstrates a commitment to safety, and we’re pleased they are placing their trust in UL Solutions to help deliver on that promise.”

The CSUAS is an effort to establish an impartial, independent third-party conformity assessment framework to scale and support safe, efficient and secure access to the Indian airspace by unmanned aircraft systems. The framework includes assessing and confirming the design, material, specification, construction and performance for safe operation. The CSUAS requirements help manufacturers meet regulatory compliance, as mandated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, by mandating third-party evaluations through certification bodies complying with ISO/IEC17065 and achieve eligibility requirements for India’s Government e-Marketplace procurement processes.

Manufacturers of unmanned aircraft systems in India must have their drone models evaluated by a certification body, which states conformity to product requirements. The certification scheme applies to four categories of drones: micro, 250 grams to 2 kilograms; small, 2 kilograms to 25 kilograms; medium, 25 kilograms to 150 kilograms; large, up to 500 kilograms. These standards aim to encourage safe use of drones in various applications, such as agriculture, surveillance, monitoring, disaster management, healthcare and logistics.

“IoTechWorld Avigation has been committed to the safe use of our drones and how they can help our customers safely, securely and efficiently advance their businesses,” said Deepak Bhardwaj, co-founder and director at IoTechWorld Avigation. “To that point, our customers trust us to create world-class drones. Acquiring the type certificate, after tests performed by UL Solutions, demonstrated our commitment to maintaining excellence while validating the quality, performance and safety of our AGRIBOT product.”

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