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UL Solutions Issues First Horticultural ENEC Certification

UL Solutions issued the first-ever ENEC certification for horticultural luminaires.

Horticultural professional checking on plant growth in the glow of a horticultural lighting system.

March 14, 2024

Growing global populations, climate effects, availability of arable land and an increased interest in organic foods have spurred modern food cultivation techniques. UL Solutions’ horticultural solutions and certification support the safety and performance of equipment used in indoor, urban, greenhouse and vertical farming. For both agricultural and floricultural applications, UL Solutions is helping to advance the certified, reliable lighting systems that are critical in maximizing the return on investment from your grow facilities. UL Solutions has the expertise, flexibility and testing capabilities to help you bring your lighting solutions to market and support you in your drive toward more sustainable ways to grow crops.

UL Solutions is the first certification body to issue an ENEC certification for horticultural luminaires. While EN IEC 60598, Luminaires – Part 1: General Requirements and Tests, has long covered safety certification for luminaires, the distinction for horticultural luminaires is a recent addition based on the need to evaluate products for use in horticultural environments with distinct photobiological factors in mind.

The market for horticultural luminaires continues to grow. Lighting and grow systems designed for horticultural applications are critical technologies to fuel optimal plant development and growth, and growers are interested in retrofit options to replace traditional light sources with long-lasting LEDs.

From designers of custom and modular systems to cultivators and processors, the need for certified, reliable lighting systems is critical in maximizing the return on investment for your facilities. Similar to UL 8800, the Standard for Horticultural Lighting Equipment and Systems, ENEC now includes horticultural certification under 60598. Horticultural lighting applications include additional factors such as the close proximity to workers, fertilizers and water systems in greenhouses and other facilities. UL Solutions can test and certify to both standards.

“We are proud to offer global certification options to meet the demands of increasingly complex products like horticultural lighting technologies,” said Todd Straka, director and global industry leader for lighting at UL Solutions.

Signify earns certification

Signify recently became the first to earn certification to the EN 60598 series incorporating EN 62471:2008 for LED horticultural luminaires with their model GPL GL 1700 DRWVSN2 120-277V 1.0D SP, a fixed luminaire with an LED light source. The ENEC certification for horticultural luminaires with LEDs issued by UL Solutions was the first one issued according to the application of the EN 60598 series incorporating EN 62471:2008.

In addition to what EN IEC 60598-1:2021+A11:2022 requires, the luminaire underwent assessment according to the requirements of EN 62471 for all photobiological risks except blue light hazard, the requirements for which were already addressed.

Find UL-Listed Signify Netherlands B.V. – Business Horticulture products on UL Product iQ® using a parametric search for file number E492170 or CCN “IFAU.”

Why UL Solutions for horticultural certification?

UL Solutions has the historical engineering expertise in horticultural lighting and the flexibility and testing capabilities to help bring lighting solutions to market. Visit our horticultural lighting page for more information and resources on luminaire testing and certification.

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