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UL Solutions Expands Lab Capabilities in Basingstoke, England

UL Solutions in Basingstoke is expanding one of the largest EMC-wireless testing laboratories in the U.K. to include safety testing for appliances and lighting, offering a full solution for connected systems.

EMC products being tested in an anechoic chamber at the UL Solutions laboratory.

October 6, 2022

EMC laboratory expansion plans

Already one of the largest electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless testing laboratories in the United Kingdom (U.K.), the expansion plan that is underway for Basingstoke will increase the speed and efficiency of testing for UL Solutions customers.

Recently installed additional anecohoic chambers and testing equipment have opened more capabilities for pre-compliance testing in the early phases of design. They also provide additional combined testing capabilities for products and systems as they prepare for market with radio and EMC-wireless testing.

Upon completion of the full expansion, the Basingstoke laboratory will be the largest independent SAR (specific absorption rate) test facility in Europe.

Testing and certification services currently include:

  • EMC and radio
  • Cellular module integration
  • Radiofrequency (RF) human exposure and evaluation
  • Wireless charging

New testing capabilities for lighting and appliances

Phase two of the Basingstoke laboratory expansion is slated for completion in Spring 2023. New laboratory space will allow testing and certification for lighting and appliance products. UL Solutions will provide both safety and combined EMC-wireless testing in this additional space to provide customers with a full solution for connected lighting and appliances products and systems.

Product categories that will have testing capabilities include:

  • Luminaires and LED modules
  • Control gears and lighting components
  • Central battery and automatic test systems
  • Commercial and household appliances

UL Solutions for connected products

Launching smart products in today’s market comes with challenges, and consumers want devices that can easily connect, stay connected and deliver on their intended features. Since smart homes include everything from lighting, appliances, security, heating and more, it is critical for all the components to work both independently and together and as part of a larger system.

The laboratory expansion and addition of lighting and appliances testing equipment will allow UL Solutions to provide more services in Basingstoke, including:

  • Safety testing and certification
  • Performance/energy efficiency testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and wireless testing
  • Cybersecurity testing
  • Marketing Claim Verification
  • Global Market Access

Global reach with local service

With decades of testing and certification experience throughout Europe, our engineers offer local support combined with global market access. UL Solutions offers a single source for IEC and North American standards testing, both for U.K. customers exporting and global manufacturers importing to the U.K. We offer guidance on understanding Brexit and EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (UKCA) requirements, and have state-of-the-art equipment and technical expertise for testing.

As the most recognized certifier in the United States. (US)., and an issuer of IECEE CB Certificates worldwide, UL Solutions helps lighting and appliance designers and their customers identify compliant products.

The UL Mark has global recognition and acceptance by code authorities. In Europe, UL Solutions is authorized to certify to the EN standards and use the ENEC 15 Mark where we are the certifying body. 

Connect with us today to discuss our laboratory expansion plans in Basingstoke, England, or to set up a quote and testing plan for your products.


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