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UL Solutions Announces First Demonstration of UL Procyon® AI Inference Benchmark for Windows at Snapdragon Summit

The UL Procyon® AI Inference Benchmark for Windows helps the technology industry address consumer expectations for faster machine learning performance.

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November 17, 2023

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS — Nov. 17, 2023 — UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, today announced that its UL Procyon® Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inference Benchmark for Windows demonstrated the AI inference performance of the Snapdragon® X Elite Platform during the 2023 Snapdragon Summit

An inference engine comprises hardware and software that make decisions based on the rules and information stored in a knowledge base, and its performance can vary based on the device and other factors. 

The UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Windows compares multiple inference engines from different vendors, measuring the machine learning inference performance of Windows operating system devices using common machine vision models. These insights help technology companies evaluate inference performance and compare devices for AI use cases. 

“With the unprecedented access to machine learning and artificial intelligence tools that consumers now have in their daily lives, technology vendors are utilizing performance insights to optimize inference engines for better performance with hardware and specific use cases,” said Jukka Makinen, managing director in the Software and Advisory group at UL Solutions. “Our UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Windows empowers the technology industry with a performance measurement tool and insights that can assist in the development of faster AI-driven products and features. The close work between UL Solutions and Qualcomm Technologies helps enhance benchmark accuracy, relevancy and impartiality as AI continues to evolve at a rapid pace — particularly with the Snapdragon X Elite Platform.” 

The AI workloads used in the UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Windows are standard machine vision tasks, such as image classification, image segmentation, object detection and super-resolution. These tasks are executed using various neural networks and run on the device’s central processing unit (CPU), graphics processing unit (GPU) or a dedicated AI accelerator for comparing hardware performance. 

“The insights gained from the UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Windows enabled Qualcomm Technologies to optimize the performance of our machine learning tools and present data to highlight the new capabilities of our leading Snapdragon X Elite Platform,” said Surya Chittuluri, director of product management at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are pleased to be among the industry partners working with UL Solutions in the ongoing development of its AI benchmark in support of faster machine learning.” 

Learn more about the UL Procyon AI Inference Benchmark for Windows. 

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