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UL Reinforces its Global Support to Manufacturers of Gas Cooking Appliances

UL Singapore is now the first and only Certification Office (CO) that can issue the Singapore Safety Mark according to the EN 30 standard.

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January 13, 2021

Powered by both gas and gas/electricity, European brands represent about one-third of Singapore’s gas cooking appliances imports. Any brand exporting gas appliances to this market needs certification from Enterprise Singapore (ESG), Singapore’s national product safety regulator, to perform a local certification and registration, or obtain certification from an accredited certification body. Of course, this process may be difficult when handled from a distance and implies international product shipment with associated costs and risks.

In order to provide gas appliances manufacturers complete support in the global market access area of services, UL’s Singapore office and its team of experts worked hand in hand with UL’s network of gas compliance experts and the ESG to obtain authorization for the CO designation.

The process took around half a year and involved lots of back and forth between UL, UL’s global network of experts and ESG before UL received final authorization. With it, UL can finally provide manufacturers both local support for compliance with Singapore regulations and requirements, and a more efficient process.

Additionally, UL’s gas laboratory in Carugate, in the Milan area, received ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by IAS and authorization by ESG to perform tests according to the standard EN 30 and all its subparts: EN 30-1-1, EN 30-1-2, EN 30-1-3 and EN 30-1-4. This means that European manufacturers can now save time and money by working with one regional laboratory.

In summary, the following standards are within the laboratory’s accredited testing scope, for Singapore market access:

•           EN 30-1-1 - Gas cookers

•           EN 30-1-2 - Forced-convention gas ovens

•           EN 30-1-3 - Glass-ceramic gas hob with enclosed covered burner

•           EN 30-1-4 and IEC 60335-2-102 - Gas cooker with automatic burner control system

Both these new achievements, allow companies to ship only one set of samples for testing in one laboratory and test in one location according to different gas conditions, instead of shipping samples to different laboratories including Singapore.

They are an additional step in being able to support gas appliance manufacturers with their global market access needs. UL’s recent growth in this area aims to provide all manufacturers the opportunity to have local support to help them access their target markets.  


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