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UL Receives Accreditation for the New BSMI Regulations to Access Taiwan Market

September 25, 2013

Taipei, Taiwan - Sept. 25 2013 - UL (Underwriters Laboratories) announces its testing laboratory in Taiwan was recently appointed by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) as the designated test laboratory for rechargeable lithium batteries, power banks and chargers. Services such as tests to Taiwanese CNS standards and the issuance of product test reports will be made available to manufacturers worldwide to enhance product safety in Taiwan. Through close relationships with BSMI, UL can also facilitate the issuance of certification for the tested products.

Given the mass popularity of computer, communication and consumer electronics (3C) products, BSMI under the Ministry of Economic Affairs has announced that it will be mandatory for rechargeable lithium battery cells/packs, secondary power banks and battery chargers used in 3C products to obtain BSMI certification before being sold in the Taiwan market. It is also stipulated that the relevant tests must be performed by a designated third party laboratory in Taiwan. The unconfirmed effective date of the regulation is March 1, 2014.

In Taiwan, the relevant safety requirements for such products include CNS 15364, CNS 14336-1, etc. The CNS 15364 standard has been harmonized with international IEC standard IEC 62133, and CNS 14336-1 with IEC 60950-1.

For close to a decade, UL has put significant effort into battery safety research.  A research and development center was set up in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2005. One of the research foci of the center is lithium battery safety. UL's lithium battery testing laboratory in Taiwan is the world's first CBTL (Certification Body Testing Laboratory) approved by IECEE for rechargeable batteries.  In possession of professional and comprehensive battery testing and certification systems, this laboratory is also a recognized laboratory of PSE (Japan), KC (South Korea), CTIA certification and UN transportation testing.

That UL Taiwan is recognized by BSMI as the designated testing laboratory for secondary lithium battery cells/packs, secondary power banks and battery chargers used in 3C products offers Taiwanese manufacturers local access to world class, third-party certification testing services. Manufacturers can also consolidate their various local and international testing and certification requirements for their products by utilizing UL's rich resources and one-stop shop services in testing and certification worldwide.  By meeting the common safety requirements, manufacturers will be able to market their products locally and overseas in a more timely manner with less effort.

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